Memory of all kinds

Most of our memory customers simply tell us what computer or other device they have and ask what their options are. We do the research for you and suggest cost-effective solutions. You'll get to know your representative, and he will learn how you like to work. We believe our job is to make your job as easy as possible. 

Some of our clients want to understand the various memory upgrade paths that are available before talking with us. For information about memory options and configuration, feel free to use the Memory Guide from one of our industry partners, Kingston. Please use the Kingston guide only as a reference for configuration and speak with your Z Tech contact about our discounted pricing. Click here to see Kingston's configuration guide. 

We maintain a large inventory of memory upgrades in order to accommodate same day shipping on most requests. We also offer scheduled shipments so that you can receive orders on a specific date.

Z Tech International provides memory upgrades to universities, government institutions, corporations, and selected resellers. We carry an extensive inventory of JEDEC standard modules. We are continually adding to our product line as new technologies are developed. Z Tech International is committed to achieving your satisfaction through personal service, quality products, competitive pricing, and on-time delivery. At Z Tech, you will get to know YOUR personal representative.

We Carry:

  • Solid State Drives
  • Flash Cards including SD Cards for photo/video, Micro SD for portable devices such as phones and Compact Flash for photo and video professionals.
  • USB Flash Drives 
  • CPU's