Something wrong?

We understand that on rare occasions you may need to return something. We promise to make it easy. We don't make you call a special department or beg for forgiveness. Just call or email your regular contact...the same person you talk with for everything else at Z Tech. We'll get an RMA (Return Merchandise Authorization) number issued promptly. Your regular contact will work with you to figure out what went wrong and how to correct the problem. Was the product ordered for the wrong computer? Did we send the wrong part? Did you order ten and only need two? It's OK. We'll work it out, and we won't wait until we have your return to ship a replacement.

Once you have your RMA number from us, ship the item back to us via FedEx or UPS (please don't use US Mail for returns) at the address below. Please be sure to include your RMA number both on the outside of the box on the address label and inside the box. That way we're sure to give you credit for the return.

ATTN RMA # ___________
787 11th St.